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– 45 Scott Street West, St. Catharines, ON –



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At Klammer Motorwerks, we specialize in European Auto Repairs.  Our specialty includes Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes.

We are here to offer you dealership work, without it costing you dealership prices! Trust your vehicle with only our certified diagnostic technicians who will have your car repaired correctly the first time.

We are a Malone Tuning dealer and a Fast Wheel Co dealer!

3 Reasons For Us To Work Together


Friendly, Dependable and a Personalized Service

We will always take the time to look over your car and will keep you up to date on what your car needs now and in the future to make it perform at its highest ability. We are always honest with you and are here to keep your vehicle healthy.


Trained and Knowledgeable Technicians

A lifetime of loving cars means knowing all that we can about cars. Our hobby has always been tearing apart cars and putting each part back in the right place in order for it to run again.  You benefit from our passion as we continue to learn even in our spare time!


Competetive Pricing for Every Vehicle

We strive to offer you dealership service, without paying dealership prices. We only put the best German quality parts on the vehicles we service.