About Us

About Us

Guided by their fascination of cars and motors from their father, Mike and his brothers have always been learning about European style vehicles.   Being exposed to cars at an early age gave them the advantage of having the opportunity to pull apart and examine the inner workings of cars.   This exposure only lead to a greater passion to truly understand what they were working on and always wanting to learn more.

From playing in the backyard to saving up for his first vehicle, Mike’s curiosity and willingness to try something new each day has never ended.  It has led Mike to grow and endeavour to become a business owner.

Now at Klammer Motorwerks, you have the advantage of a mechanic who has passionately learned to understand European vehicles, giving him the advantage of specializing so that you benefit from his experiences. Not only is Mike a licensed technician, but he has spent hundreds of hours rebuilding and restoring his own project cars, which have won many awards at various car shows.

Just after a few minutes of meeting Mike, you will instantly be able to see his love and passion for European cars. You can put your trust in Mike and his team at Klammer Motorwerks. This is not just a job for them. It is their passion!

Our Location

Klammer Motorwerks is located at 45 Scott St West, Ontario, conveniently between Lake St and Ontario St in St. Catharines. Their licensed technicians work together in the three service bays to diagnose and repair your vehicle. We have a large parking lot for your convenience and a recently renovated waiting room.

We are a Malone Tuning dealer and a Fast Wheel Co dealer!

We are here to offer you dealership work, without it costing you dealership prices! Trust your vehicle with only our certified diagnostic technicians who will have your car repaired correctly the first time.