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Labour Rate $120.00/hr

Diagnostic Scan $60.00

Safety $140.00

Tune Ups

In order to keep your engine running better and working at it’s peak performance, tune ups are required as part of your regular maintenance program. With computerized engines and diagnostic equipment we can intervene before a repair becomes costly. Even your newer European car needs maintenance, today’s vehicles now have computers that adjust to overcome wear so you can’t tell that something is about to be wrong. Regular checks at Klammer Motorwerks can be the difference between having to make significant repairs due to neglect or preventative maintenance that saves on repairs and maintains greater fuel economy and performance.


Your vehicle’s brakes are an imperative part of your automobile. Be rest assured knowing that when you need them in an emergency driving situation, Klammer Motorwerks will have adjusted your brakes to their peak performance using specialized computer diagnostic scanners so that you can have peace of mind. Checking your brakes regularly will often save you money in the long run.

Exhaust System

Poor fuel economy and an increased noise levels can be indicative of exhaust system issues. Whether it’s a clamp or your entire exhaust system, we can save you further repairs when our experts inspect your exhaust system. Sometimes it’s just a clamp which could lead to further damage if left unrepaired. Monitored by the computer on board your vehicle, our experts can pinpoint exhaust issues that may be arising. The small details are important to us because it matters to you and diagnosing trouble as it arises helps us to prevent more costly repairs.

Tire Rotation

Tires have a tendency to wear different based on the positioning on your vehicle, how your vehicle is driven and other factors such as your suspension may impact tire wear. To get the most out of your tire performance and wear, have your tires rotated regularly and maximize mileage you will get out of them.


The great handling and smooth ride that you experience in your vehicle is the result of a complex system beneath your vehicle. Roads, usage and aging can contribute to wear and tear of your suspension and when it does it will become evident in rough ride, squeaks or rattling. A full inspection of your suspension can prevent further damage to your automobile. Our experts can determine suspension wear and tear and help you prevent uneven tire wear which can lead to a compromise of your safety. We look for leaks, damaged housings, abnormal tire wear, and worn bushings to ensure that your suspension is in good repair while saving you money.

Tire Mount and Balancing

Your tire balancing and mounting can be the difference between a good and bad ride. Let the professionals make sure that your tires have a uniform distribution around the axis of rotation. With our professional equipment and training we can maximize your ride.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning performs at it’s optimum with regular checks and maintenance. Klammer Motorwerks is fully equipped to diagnose and service all air conditioning systems.
Musty odors and reduced output can alert you to something as simple as your cabin filter. A simple solution of changing your filter can make a world of difference in your system’s performance. Let the experts at Klammers resolve the smaller matters before they become costly and more significant repairs to your air conditioning system.


At Klammer Motorwerks can provide diagnostics and repair for almost any transmission. Transmissions are very complex and often not thought of until there is a problem. Transmissions function best when they receive regular maintenance and adjustment. A new filter and fluid will keep your transmission running at it’s peak performance. When you have your transmission serviced, Klammer Motorwerks has the opportunity to scan and fine tune your transmissions as well as check for any wear and tear. Service to your transmission can be a small maintenance cost to save you lots of money!

Oil Changes

Make sure your engine runs at peak performance by changing your oil regularly. Now-a-days there is such a wide variety of oils and even more specific needs for today’s engines and transmissions. Having you European Auto Expert work on your car can mean the difference between ruining your engine and keeping it running at it’s optimum performance. Don’t take a chance on services that get you in and out quickly by person that is not a mechanic. Bring your vehicle to us and be assured that your oil change is completed by a expert certified technician.
We carry 505.00 synthetic oil and also have 506.00 and 507.00 available.

Timing Belt

Timing Belts today should be changed at 100,000 kms to 160,000 kms to prevent damage to the engine. If your Volkswagen TDI requires a timing belt change, we have the expertise and tools to service your vehicle. Klammer Motorwerks uses the genuine full Volkswagen kit and comes in at a competitive price for this repair. Our experts check the entire timing belt assembly including the often forgotten water pump to be assured that your vehicle is fully serviced and the job is complete at a competitive price.

Fuel Injection

With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and precision testing devices we can resolve some of the finest adjustments and problems in your fuel injection systems.
Fuel injection is part of a very complex series of systems that are the difference between your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently or just running. We diagnose and clean fuel injection systems regularly, but for really elusive problems, we have processes by which we can pressure-test the fuel tank system (called EVAP) from front to rear to determine leaks with your system. Fine tuning your fuel injection is just another way that Klammer Motorwerks is able to use precise adjustments to make your vehicle perform its best.


Today’s vehicles now have complex computers on board to control functions such as adjusting the engine and transmission operations, spark plugs, idle speed and fuel injectors to give you the best possible performance. Your computer receives data from numerous different sensors so that it can adjust and warn of potential problems with your vehicle. With so much control, failure of the car computer will greatly affect the performance of your vehicle. To get the most out of your vehicle’s computer, have it evaluated regularly for updates and peak operation here at Klammer Motorwerks.